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July, 2015, one night at the beach in Keelung Tapurun. Me and friends went for my collection material hunting. The air was humid and hot. It had been days without raining, the water came along with sandy ocean breeze. Our skin thus became sticky and wet. I guess due to the upcoming typhoon, the wave was taller than we could ever imagined. Therefore, we just sat by the shore looking into the deep blue water, those slowly-­‐sailing fishing boats reflected the sky into gray and white canvas. The big waved paddles those tiny fishes to the shore. We ended up busy picking those struggling baby fishes, one by one, sent them back to the sea. Several hours just gone by… 

All of a sudden, I discovered a seemingly deserted building not so far away, with a small searchlight built over. Since we had nothing else to do, the adventure therefore began! With a closer look, there were several decayed wooden boards pinned on the iron gate. We used up quite amount of energy while tearing up the doorstop then the heavy door opened. It was a space about 5 ping big, the shredded metal falling from ceiling made my eyes blurry. I looked around with a flashlight, I assumed it’s an abandoned generator room. In the center of the room, there was a meter board covered with unknown buttons. And I saw a blackish green metal closet with few hangers inside. The closet was blocked by a broken sofa with one leg missing. Maybe someone cut out the seat so the cotton fibers all fallen apart as if trying to dig out all the secrets hidden within. A big amount of dusty items scattered on the floor. 

The whole room was covered by wrinkling pink wallpaper lining with light marble patterns. Perhaps in order to hide the mottled wallpaper? They glued the calendars papers on top of it, still couldn’t fight with the humidity. The uneven papers carried a hint of muddy smell, also the dates on calendars were all indistinct because of the mold blotch. Déjà vu scenery photos on the calendar are places we must have been seen before but difficult to recall the names. Like snow mountain, forest, lake, grassland and fields. I leaned on the closet carefully observed them for a while. Looking into those moldy and wrinkled paths. Looking into those numbers I wasn’t even sure if it 6 or 8. Half an hour had passed, while the sound of wave alleviated, I cleaned the metal shard on me and left.. 

UN is the abbreviation of United Nations, also as the prefix of negative syntactical words – the concept of collective identity. The exhibition is a wild imagination towards an unknown land. About a cramped tiny space that is soggy, humid, windless and sticky. When sandy beach meets the frontier of sea water, weaves out the lace-­like breaking waves, which gently carries away the sands then dyes the beach dark and deep. It’s like the scenery that keep disappearing yet we repeatedly painting again and again.. Therefore we are still waiting for the not-­yet-­here naming process -­‐ the future not never arrives.







39 x 46 cm | 2015 | oil on canvas

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