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May.18.2019 -


Mor Charpentier Gallery

The common subject matter in the body of works for this exhibition is the relationship between collective and individual existence.


Part of the work portrayed the characters holding the colour boards in this new series. It was inspired by the spectacular Card-stunt show during the major sport events in North Korea. I also used to participate in this kind of performance when I was young. In this performance, everyone hold up a heavy deck of colour board, simultaneously flipping the board in same order. Each side of the board is a simple mosaic colour block and every block is like a puzzle piece. Through the organisation and unification of the performers, the hierarchy and the power of states government are on display. The individualism demises, moreover, the purpose of its existence is to complement something bigger than itself. This concept towards human beings only appeared in the country of Authoritarianism in the past, however we can still sense it in the modern society with an obscure manner. 


I tried to portray collective and individual figures in the paintings, what amused me is the impression of manifestation of those board holding figures in my work. The viewing distance for the colour boards channel different interpretations: the boards in the individual portraits show the recognition and slogan of “independence”. Whereas in the collective figure paintings, the boards are part of the puzzle pieces. The final presentation of the image composed by these boards seems to be a blurry idea that cannot be described clearly. This simple colouring composition and painterly representation of those colour boards echoes with the color-field painting of Abstract Expressionism. The states of my painting shift between figurative and abstract that elaborate the relationship between individual consciousness and collective consciousness, the moment between the presence and the eternity becomes ambiguous.


The concept stated above leads to the development of other new works. I portrayed the labouring status of a group of people. In the mise en scene that I created, they build, paint and clean  with recognisable features to identify their class in the society. There aren’t any specific time frame but the bizarre arrangements of objects (such as gigantic heels, carpets and frames), colours and strokes bring out the existence of those characters and the search of intrinsic and spiritual qualities. I tend to express my feelings  about the world and reflect some of my current status through these dramatic setting with allegorical traits.





190404134438 mini sRGB網路.jpg

Part of Card Stunt IX ( Orange Yellow Blue and White)  

45.5 x 38 cm | 2019 | Oil on canvas

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